Appreciation Post: Lewandowski’s Goal Against Andorra

New category: Appreciation Post

There are so many things I can appreciate about the beautiful game. It’s not always the goals… It can be the build-up to the goal, the scything pass, the fancy footwork, the slide tackle, the unbelievable save… I could go on and on. I’d like to use this category to highlight some of the beautiful football that takes my breath away. Of course, this is often contingent on finding the videos and gifs that show them. At least, until I learn how to make them myself. Luckily, this week’s appreciation post is already publicly available! And I don’t know why my posts have been so Dortmund and Lewy heavy lately. I apologize if you care little about either. But it is what it is I guess… A new “appreciation”. 🙂

Poland played Andorra on Saturday in a friendly. It was not aired so I had to find a stream, which means I’m desperate to watch a game. I don’t have much luck finding streams, and being a spoiled American with about 10 channels of football, I have access to most that I’m interested in. When I heard via twitter (my new best friend for all football related info I could ever want…) that Poland was playing a friendly I decided to catch a few minutes. I was walking out the door to go to my son’s soccer game but I am so excited about watching this team in the Euros (3 of my BVB boys play for Poland) that I spent what precious minutes I had searching for a stream. I found one… And then something happens that ALWAYS happens! I walked away and missed a BEAUTIFUL goal (as twitter quickly informed me)!!!! And of course, it was Lewandowski! I had to wait until halftime to see it (since I couldn’t “rewind” it with my “fancy playback machine” Ray Hudson yells at me for owning). And equally as delightful was the fact that it was a pass from his Dortmund teammate Piszczek that set it up. Well, enough chit chat… How ’bout this goal?!?!

Recently Alexi Lalas claimed Robert was someone to watch at the Euro and I couldn’t agree more. He had such a great season, he’s received a lot of attention lately, and I’m hoping he proves him right. I couldn’t be more excited for this tournament to start!

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