A Week’s Worth of Paleo

A typical grocery trip!

A friend asked me recently to help her get started on a Paleo eating plan. I’ve actually had the idea over the last few months of posting something similar here in case anyone else was interested, so I just happened to have some pictures I’d already taken! I won’t go into too many details about the Paleo way of eating. But basically, it’s eating like the cavemen (and cavewomen) ate. So pre-agriculture, meaning basically, meat, fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds. It also happens to be a popular diet amongst CrossFitters for its muscle strengthening, fat burning qualities. There are many resources out there and I am not an expert. In fact, I’m a big, fat cheater. I do, however, hope it will be helpful to anyone interested in eating healthier, and possibly shedding some body fat while gaining muscle tone. This way of eating helped me to lose 25 pounds about a year and a half ago. I’ve since gained some of that back, but I believe that’s due to an increase in muscle, not body fat. Because she’s anxiously awaiting my recommendations, I’m not going to spend too much time on writing and making this a perfect post. This is quick and dirty. If I leave something out or you have questions, please just ask! Here’s what I recommend for a beginner’s first week of Paleo eating!

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Be Still My Bleeding Heart…

I have a “bleeding heart”. It seems to run in my family. I am constantly calling my mom a “bleeding heart” because it doesn’t take her more than two minutes talking to a stranger for her to discover that the person is struggling somehow.  Immediately, she begins offering emotional support. She becomes overly sympathetic, and it used to drive me crazy growing up. I didn’t get it – Why did she care so much? It had nothing to do with her or her life. Couldn’t she just put it aside so we could continue on with what we were doing?

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