My 30 Days of “Strict” Paleo Challenge


Some of the women I work out with at my CrossFit gym began a 30 day “strict” Paleo challenge on April 1st and they invited me to join them.  If you’ve read my previous post about eating Paleo, then you’ll remember that I’ve already been eating this way for the most part. I’ve basically followed the 80/20 rule… 80% Paleo 20% other. Well, this challenge would mean shooting for a percentage a little closer to the 100 mark. But because I wanted to see what kind of results I could get, and because I had put on some winter pounds, and because hockey season was about to begin and I wanted to not DIE on the field, I decided to give it a shot. Really, what did I have to lose? Besides a few inches or pounds?

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A Week’s Worth of Paleo

A typical grocery trip!

A friend asked me recently to help her get started on a Paleo eating plan. I’ve actually had the idea over the last few months of posting something similar here in case anyone else was interested, so I just happened to have some pictures I’d already taken! I won’t go into too many details about the Paleo way of eating. But basically, it’s eating like the cavemen (and cavewomen) ate. So pre-agriculture, meaning basically, meat, fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds. It also happens to be a popular diet amongst CrossFitters for its muscle strengthening, fat burning qualities. There are many resources out there and I am not an expert. In fact, I’m a big, fat cheater. I do, however, hope it will be helpful to anyone interested in eating healthier, and possibly shedding some body fat while gaining muscle tone. This way of eating helped me to lose 25 pounds about a year and a half ago. I’ve since gained some of that back, but I believe that’s due to an increase in muscle, not body fat. Because she’s anxiously awaiting my recommendations, I’m not going to spend too much time on writing and making this a perfect post. This is quick and dirty. If I leave something out or you have questions, please just ask! Here’s what I recommend for a beginner’s first week of Paleo eating!

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I started CrossFit sometime in October of last year. I never intended to join… I was happy working out at my local Mommy Bootcamp, despite the fact that I was the only one without toddlers following them around.  But when G, who had signed a year contract 6 months prior, hurt his knee and could no longer attend, I figured I had better take his spot if we were going to be paying for the membership. I was quite terrified at first, to be honest. It wasn’t the act of weight lifting that intimidated me… Weight lifting had been one of my favorite classes in high school! But working out in a primarily male-dominant atmosphere did. And I knew enough about it to know that there were strong military ties with CrossFit… and lots of yelling (of the encouraging variety, but yelling all the same) and pain (the good kind, if there is a good kind).

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Running With the Big Boys

This morning I went to Crossfit and had a moment of nostalgia. I got to race with the big boys just like I used to do when I was a kid. For those that aren’t familiar with Crossfit it’s an exercise methodology that is based around the premise of creating “complete” athletes. It incorporates weight lifting, cross-training, running, gymnastics, and basically every kind of exercise you can imagine, developing strength, skills, and balance. Every day there is a WOD or Work-Out of the Day. Well, today’s WOD involved sprints. And for some unknown reason, any time running is involved, I panic. Even when I was a soccer and field hockey player in high school and could run for 90 minutes during a game, I’d panic before practice if I knew we were doing suicides or “One Lap Ahead”. Today was no different.

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Welcome to CRAZY (Part 2: The After)

Part 1 was posted prior to this and should be read first…

Just a little quick background before I begin to write how football could have POSSIBLY changed my life in the significant ways I was implying in my previous post…

I was born an athlete. Not a very GOOD one, but one all the same. My earliest memories are of challenging my older brothers and their friends to sprints in the backyard, despite being 2 and 3 years younger than them (and quite small). I can remember that desire to beat them and make them think, “WOW! She’s really fast! I almost got beat by a girl!”

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